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Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Meadowbank area that specialises in Sports and General Chiropractic Care

Dr Antra provides hands on chiropractic treatment for effective pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

Conveniently Located located only 5 minutes away from Meadowbank, in the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, Ryde!

how can a chiropractor help with back or neck pain?

Dr Antra provides safe and gentle chiropractic treatment techniques to manage many conditions, including lower back pain & neck pain. Whilst chiropractors are known predominantly for their management of spinal conditions, they are actually well trained to treat the entire body. So, whether you have shoulder, knee, elbow or ankle pain, Dr Antra can help you. 

Dr Antra is one many health professionals consulting from Hyperwell Health and Performance in Top Ryde City

Not all chiropractors work the same way. Dr Antra, you won’t feel rushed as spends a generous amount of time with his patients to ensure you are assessed, treated & educated. 

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