Cupping Therapy in Ryde, NSW


Practised in more than 50 countries, Cupping Therapy has thousands of years of historic use. It may help with improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and much-needed pain relief.

cupping therapy in top ryde

did you know cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years and continues to be used by world class athletes ? so will it work for you?

Your therapist will determine if Cupping Therapy can offer benefits to you. Throughout your initial consult, they will assess any back and neck pain, stiff muscles, symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, migraines and rheumatism, and evaluate any issues you might have so we can explain the potential benefits cupping may offer.

The therapy itself, is quite relaxing and not painful!

We apply cups in a warm, clean and comfortable setting, using a safe, dry suction technique; no fire or water.

Cups will be suctioned onto your pain points, usually the back, and will remain in place for the time required to encourage blood flow and help to remove toxins and build up.

The appearance of round bruising is actually the desired effect your therapist is looking for.  Nothing to be alarmed at however, as the bruising effect on the skin is only temporary and clears up within a week usually depending on your skin type.

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first 30min cupping consult only $49