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Importance of Hip Internal Rotation

Hip Internal Rotation Injuries and Prevention

Why is hip internal rotation so important?

Increasing active hip internal rotation is integral in ensuring hip and knee health for a variety of elite athletes. There is a correlation towards increased risk of ACL ruptures in athletes playing sports like rugby, basketball or soccer, where a lot of pivoting takes place. Increasing your hip joint internal rotation and mobility in general will increase your performance on the field and reduce overall risk of  injury in your chosen sport. Additionally, It can also help with decreasing hip pain and discomfort.

Depending on the nature of your sport and how much lateral movement and rotation you require, injuries to the hip can include injury to the hip socket (labrum), pubic symphysis or excessive wear of your articular cartilage (osteoarthritis). If your hip injuries are not addressed in a timely manner, a potential surgery may be indicated. The good news is, this most hip pathologies can all be mitigated with appropriate maintenance of the joints and muscles. 

Combat sports would also benefit with greater range of motion (ROM) for them to generate force. This can extend to kicks like the roundhouse, front and side kicks. This could decrease your chance of telegraphing your attacks as well. For the grappling athlete this could mean better options for both defence and offence. The increased rom can increase your options to submit an opponent or breathing room to escape out of a tight position.

At Hyperwell Health & Performance Ryde, your Myotherapist can assess your hip joint range and determine what type of manual therapy is best for your situation.  The modalities could include soft tissue, joint mobilisation, cupping and dry needling when needed. They will then proceed to prescribe you with a home exercise program that will not only increase your mobility and strength but also reduce your future risk of injury.

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