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From Athletes to mums and dads, we make everyone feel move and feel better.

We are located less than 5 minutes away, inside the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre.

meet your Local massage therapist kevin... located only 5 mins away from gladesville

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Kevin is a diploma qualified massage therapist and a degree qualified myotherapist. An experienced therapist who works with clients ranging from athletes to desktop warriors. 

In a typical session, Kevin will assess your body for movement issues, muscle tension and length and deliver a treatment which incorporates a combination of muscle release techniques, joint mobilisations, cupping, dry needling and finish off with a home exercise program to ensure you maintain your results.

Outside of looking after his clients, Kevin is a keen powerlifter and hopes to compete sometime in 2022.



Our massage therapists are actually university trained Myotherapists. With advanced assessment and soft-tissue skills,  they treat their patients using a combination of massage, exercise, joint mobilisation, cupping, dry needling. Because of their training in university they can also assess and manage injuries.

At Hyperwell Health & Performance Ryde, our myotherapists have experience in treating many injuries and conditions including


Just like what you would typically get from a regular massage therapist, our myotherapists can provide their clients with either Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial or Relaxation massages. 

In addition, you can expect dry needling, cupping, stretching, exercise and joint mobilisation.


Myotherapists are skilled at assessing your body and apply the appropriate muscle release treatments. Following a thorough assessment, they will develop a treatment and management plan with you. As commonly seen with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, myotherapists also use a range of treatment techniques, including massage, dry needling, mobilisation, and stretching to help ease your pain.

In addition to hands-on manual therapy, exercise prescription and/or education about pain management, load management, activity modification and/or lifestyle modification may be incorporated. Most myotherapy appointments will include prescriptive rehabilitation exercises for you to take home to assist in your recovery and get you moving again.

Many people see a myotherapist due to their advanced knowledge in musculoskeletal pain, along with the hands-on treatment they provide.

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Myotherapists can treat a wide range of disorders including.

At Hyperwell, our myotherapist will deliver you massage treament of your choice that will make you feel and move better again. Your choice of Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial or Relaxation. That is just the beginning. 

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