Dr. Antra Der Tateossian - Chiropractor

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dr antra der tateossian

doctor of chiropractic
My philosophy when it comes to chiropractic and health in general is to empower each and every patient to reach their true and full potential.
It doesn’t phase me if you are 8 or 88 and you want to run a marathon or enter a strong man competition, there is a plethora of techniques, skills and support to help achieve your goals. I know that with a multi-modal approach nothing can stop you to reach your optimal level of function and performance.
Dr Antra is a fun loving and dedicated chiropractor driven to help you reach your functional needs. Through education, understanding and training you and your nervous system, we can learn to not just manage our injuries but overcome and surpass our previous limitations.
Antra has a special interest in all things outdoors ranging from canoeing, rock-climbing, hiking and swimming. Antra loves getting to the gym and training. He has recently begun gymnastics at a local club and is well on his way to a handstand and front flip. With a wide experience with sports and recreation activities Antra treats every condition and dysfunction with a keen eye to get you on the road to recovery in no time at all.