Dr. Hasan Alkafagi - Podiatrist

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Dr Hasan Alkafagi

Dr Hasan Alkafagi Hyperwell Podiatry Clinic in Ryde

Hello, I’m Dr. Hasan Alkafagi. It’s great to connect with you here. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Master’s in Podiatric Medicine from Western Sydney University. These qualifications have been the foundation of my six-plus years in the field of podiatric medicine.

My main interest is in the area of lower limb biomechanics. I work with both adults and children, focusing on improving their balance, posture, and overall limb function. My approach is all about personalized care, aiming to make significant improvements in each patient’s life.

Beyond just treatment, I’m committed to enhancing physical mobility and overall quality of life for my patients. I believe in providing detailed, individualized care that focuses on optimal health outcomes. My expertise and empathetic approach have helped me make a meaningful impact in the podiatric community here in the greater Ryde district.