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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Physiotherapy clinic in Ryde that specialising in sports injury rehabilitation? If so, Hyperwell Ryde clinic offers you the very latest in evidence based treatments to get you back in the game ASAP. Our physiotherapists use advanced techniques to accelerate recovery and prevent future injuries, ensuring you return to your sport with confidence. With our own onsite gym equipped with all of the necessary equipment you could need, you will be set to succeed.

Post-operative Care and Recovery

Post-operative recovery is essential in regaining your full strength and mobility. At Hyperwell in Ryde, our expert physiotherapy team crafts personalized care plans tailored specifically to your recovery needs. We focus on gentle, yet effective exercises and therapeutic techniques designed to facilitate swift and comprehensive healing. Our approach not only aids in a quicker recovery but also ensures a smoother transition back to your daily activities, minimizing downtime and maximizing your rehabilitation success.

Chronic Pain Management Solutions

Dealing with chronic pain can significantly impact your daily life, but at Hyperwell in Ryde, we’re dedicated to easing your discomfort and enhancing your wellbeing. Our experienced physiotherapists employ a holistic approach to pain management, blending time-honored physiotherapy methods with cutting-edge techniques. Our goal is to not only alleviate your pain but also to target its root cause, ensuring long-term relief and a marked improvement in your overall quality of life. Let us help you embark on a journey towards a more comfortable and fulfilling life, free from the constraints of chronic pain.

Why Choose Hyperwell for Your Physiotherapy Needs

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment

Located in the vibrant hub of Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, Hyperwell Health and Performance is Ryde’s trusted destination for sports injury rehabilitation and advanced physiotherapy.

Our modern facility is fitted with the latest equipment as well as a complete onsite rehab gym to take your results to the next level. Our passionate team of health professionals are dedicated to providing you the very latest and most effective treatment options. We pride ourselves in providing hands-on treatments and expertly designed training sessions so we can deliver the highest standard in injury rehabilitation.

Personalized Care Plans for Every Patient

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, from sports injuries and spine-related issues like lower back pain and sciatica to more complex challenges. At Hyperwell, our goal isn’t just pain alleviation—it’s about comprehensive recovery. We focus on fortifying your strength and ensuring you return to the activities you’re passionate about, with resilience and vigour.

Alongside our treatment plans, we emphasise education, enabling our clients to manage their conditions effectively. And for added convenience, we offer HICAPS for instant rebates from both Medicare and Private Health Insurance*. With Hyperwell Health and Performance, you’re investing in a full-circle approach to your health and well-being.

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Recovery Journeys from Our Patients

Hear from our satisfied patients who have experienced significant improvements in their health and mobility thanks to our expert care. Their stories highlight the success of our comprehensive approach to physiotherapy and our commitment to helping every patient achieve their wellness goals.

Blake SBlake S
09:14 05 Apr 24
Great outcomes and treatment from jenny. Personalised care and great follow up. Recommend to everyone
Selvi ChandraSelvi Chandra
06:58 23 Mar 24
They have wonderfull, nice and kind team. As my theraphist Kevin Pham, he helps me through my recovery from back injury. He has given practical advice that has been realstic, as well as setting small goals for me. I would fully recommend him to everyone. Thank you very much Kevin Pham 😃
Dancing HorseDancing Horse
04:37 22 Mar 24
Amazing facility and friendly staff. They have helped me get to a point where I feel back to normal. I highly recommend Hyperwell at Top Ryde. A special mention to my physio, who I highly recommend by the name of Kevin Pham. He was instrumental in getting me back to being physically recovered and I can enjoy being active again. If you want a great experience during your rehabilitation period I recommend Hyperwell.
Darren BonaccorsoDarren Bonaccorso
05:41 22 Feb 24
Really friendly staff, they collaborate well together to help you heal yourself and work towards encouraging you to maintain your wellbeing
Betty ZhangBetty Zhang
08:18 20 Feb 24
Set in a clean and spacious environment with brand new equipment, Hyperwell offers clients a highly professional experience tailored to the individual’s needs every time. Antra in particular is an extremely experienced and knowledgable practitioner; his treatment style is detail-oriented and goal-driven: he resolves the most pressing issues within the allocated time frame each time while maintaining a warm demeanour and sustaining a friendly banter, ensuring a therapeutic experience that not only strengthens and corrects body parts that require treatment but also calms any nerves. On top of its great environment and its team’s expertise, Hyperwell is also conveniently located just outside Top Ryde Shopping Centre, easily accessible by car (ample parking available) or bus (many routes). Highly recommended!

Meet Our Expert team of professionals

A Spectrum of Care for Everyone

Comprehensive Services for the Active You

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Guiding athletes and active individuals alike through recovery with evidence-based practices.

General Physiotherapy

Ensuring that your everyday aches and pains don’t put a damper on your active lifestyle.

Customized Exercise Plans

Tailored strategies to get you moving better, whether you’re prepping for a race or a walk in the park.

Performance Optimization

From dynamic warm-ups to posture correction, we help you get the best out of your active pursuits.

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Beyond Just Recovery

Passionate Experts

Our team is deeply rooted in sports and understands the aspirations of active individuals.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Employing the latest in physiotherapy tech to ensure speedy and efficient recovery. Our clinicians use VALD digital muscle strength and joint testing for accurate ‘no guessing’ measurements.

Holistic Approach of physiotherapy in ryde

Addressing not just the injury, but also its root cause and future prevention. Effective injury management involves future prevention.

Sports Rehab Physiotherapy 2
Physiotherapy Ryde Patient Gait Analysis

Everyone is an Athlete in Their Own Right

You don’t need a medal to prove your love for movement. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, looking to perfect your yoga pose, or simply wishing to play with your kids without pain, our doors are wide open. At our clinic in Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, we celebrate every individual’s version of ‘active’.

Visit us! a physiotherapy Clinic in ryde that will Reignite Your Active Passion

Every step you take towards our facility is a step closer to reclaiming your active life. Located conveniently in Ryde’s bustling heart, let’s together embark on a journey towards optimal physical wellness.

Physiotherapy Ryde for neck pain

in addition to Physiotherapy in ryde, we service the following areas..

Other than our physiotherapy in Ryde, Hyperwell also serves a variety of other areas as your trusted injury management and rehabilitation service provider, these include: 

  • West Ryde
  • North Ryde
  • East Ryde
  • Gladesville
  • Meadowbank
  • Putney
  • Hunters Hill
  • Denistone 

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term solutions for your movement and performance problems.


Join the thousands of satisfied clients who have regained their strength and mobility with Hyperwell’s gold standard injury management and rehabilitation services. Our team of expert chiropractors, podiatrists, myotherapists, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists in Ryde are committed to providing long-term solutions to your problems. Whether you’re an athlete or just looking to improve your daily movement and performance, we can help you get back to doing what you love most with our Ryde physiotherapy. 

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